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About Me

Hi, I’m Rohan 👋🏼 I’m currently in the fourth (& final) year of my undergraduate studies at the University of Toronto, where I’m specializing in Management with a minor in Computer Science. I have always had a curious mind, and in particular, I love two subjects: business & computer science. Throughout my academic journey, I have delved into various subjects, ranging from trading strategies to programming languages, and I have found immense joy in connecting these seemingly disparate fields.


Woodsworth College, University of Toronto


June 2020 – July 2020 (1 month)

Officially called the Gurugram Police Cyber Security Summer Internship, this one-month programme was an amazing learning experience for anyone remotely interested to learn about cybercrime or hacking. For the first time in 2020, the internship was conducted online due to lockdowns imposed to counter rising COVID cases. In the month-long internship which was hosted by Mr. Rakshit Tandon, we learnt about topics within cyber security as diverse as national & international cyber law, hacking, police investigations, GDPR & data privacy laws, Linux, modus-operandi of cyber fraudsters and much more. Renowned guest speakers such as the then Commissioner of Police (Gurugram) Mr. Mohammed Akil, many senior police officers, and various speakers from companies Facebook, and Hackershala. Throughout this period, I also worked in a team consisting of students and police officers in training, as we completed with other teams in a fun hacking activity custom-built by the Hackershala team to [complete this].

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March 2020 – Present



Data Analytics & Machine Learning

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Statistics – CI Estimation, Hypothesis testing, Random Events
  • SQL
  • R
  • Python (incl. NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Scikit Learn)
  • Cross Validation, Bootstrapping
  • Regression & Classification Models
  • Parametric Linear Models like OLS, Ridge & Lasso
  • Decision Trees, SVMs, Reinforcement Learning, Deep Learning, KNNs, Boosting, Random Forests, Logistic Regression
  • Deep Learning: Feedforward Networks, RNNs, CNNs
  • Language Models: Transformers

Finance & Economics

  • St. Louis Fed
  • Bloomberg Terminal
  • Factset
  • Crunchbase

Data Visualization

  • PowerPoint
  • Keynote
  • Matplotlib


  • Google Adsense
  • SEO
  • Basic Operations Management


  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Technical Analysis
  • TradingView
  • Yahoo Finance


  • Hindi/Urdu (Native)
  • English (Native)
  • Punjabi (Native)
  • Mandarin (HSK Level 3)


  • Sketch
  • Photoshop
  • Figma
  • Canva

Web Development

  • Javascript, jQuery
  • Basic MongoDB
  • WordPress
  • DNS
  • Nodejs & Express
  • Reactjs, Gatsby, Nextjs
  • TailwindCSS, Bootstrap
  • SQL
  • Spring (Java)
  • Django


  • C
  • C++
  • Java, Spring
  • Python
  • Shell (sh, Bash)


  • Windows, macOS, Linux

Version Management

  • Git, Github


  • AWS, Heroku, Netlify, DigitalOcean


I believe knowledge is an endless endeavour and that it makes our lives easier by giving us the tools to solve challenging problems. That is why I constantly keep learning new things and refining my existing skillset.

Currently, I am learning about Tableau, which is a powerful software used for data analysis and visualization. Although it is an extremely in-demand software for jobs currently, I’m learning it to use it as an extension to make better investment decisions. I’m also curious to learn R, which, again, is a very powerful tool for data analytics.

I’m also learning French 🇫🇷 because it’s a lovely language and it is spoken in many places in Canada and across the globe! Previously, I have also learnt Mandarin 🇨🇳 (HSK Level 2).

  • Using k-Nearest Neighbour classifier to predict number (trained on MNIST dataset)


1️⃣ First-year

  • RSM100 – Introduction to Management
  • ECO101 – Principles of Microeconomics
  • ECO102 – Principles of Macroeconomics
  • RSM219 – Introduction to Financial Accounting
  • RSM230 – Introduction to Financial Markets
  • RSM250 – Principles of Marketing
  • CSC148 – Introduction to Computer Science
  • CSC165 – Mathematical Expression & Reasoning for Computer Science
  • MAT137 – Calculus with Proofs

3️⃣ Third-year

  • CSB201 – Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, and You
  • CSC258 – Computer Organization
  • MAT223 – Linear Algebra
  • RSM222 – Management (Cost) Accounting
  • RSM358 – AI for Management
  • RSM370 – Supply Chain Management
  • RSM333 – Corporate Finance
  • RSM350 – Marketing Management
  • RSM392 – Strategic Management
  • RSM456 – Big Data & Marketing Analytics

2️⃣ Second-year

  • ECO204 – Microeconomic Theory & Applications
  • ECO220 – Introduction to Data Analytics & Applied Econometrics
  • CSC207 – Software Design
  • CSC209 – Software Tools & Systems Programming
  • CSC236 – Introduction to the Theory of Computation
  • RSM260 – Organizational Behaviour
  • RSM270 – Operations Management
  • RSM332 – Capital Market Theory

4️⃣ Fourth-year

  • ECO369 – Health Economics
  • PCL200 – Drugs & the Brain
  • RSM415 – Strategic Decisions in Operations (⭐️ Special Topics)
  • RSM422 – Management Control
  • RSM433 – Advanced Corporate Finance
  • CSC385 – Microprocessor Systems
  • ECO331 – Behavioural & Experimental Economics
  • RSM437 – International Finance
  • RSM439 – Private Equity & Entrepreneurial Finance
  • RSM480 – Business in the Global Economy