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Top 5 Productivity Apps to have in 2020

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We spend a significant part of our day using apps on our devices. The problem is that most of these apps do not add anything rich into our lives. Thus, I have compiled a list of my 5 favourite apps that I use a lot–and these apps are worth having!

5. Canva

This Graphic Design App is a must-have in today’s creative world where Graphics can make all the impact.

Canva allows you to create Professional Graphics in no time! If you’re not much of an artist but need to create good graphics for your business or work, then Canva is the app for you! Just choose from thousands of pre-built templates that Canva has to offer!

Another great alternative to Canva is Over. However, as of now, it is only available on mobile and tablet devices (they’re working on a web version).

Canva is available on iOS, Android, and Web!


4. Paytm

It’s 2020! If you still don’t use digital payment apps, then you might be missing out on a lot of convenient and cool features these apps have to offer.

My payments app of choice is Paytm! I started using it long before it gained popularity at the time of demonetisation of Indian currency. I use it for sending and receiving money across Paytm wallets. I also sometimes use it for UPI transactions. Paytm, however, has much more to offer than just this. Millions of businesses in India use Paytm for accepting money. You can also open a bank account with Paytm

I have been using Paytm for a long time and thus I’ve stuck with it. You can use other payment apps like Google Pay or PhonePe — whichever you like using the most. The point is to have at least one of these apps to make your life easier!


3. Google Drive

Cloud Storage is the norm these days! It has a lot of advantages over storing files locally on a hard disk or flash drive.

First, it’s cheap and affordable. You have the flexibility to choose the space you require and pay for only that.

Another big benefit is that you can access your files on any device – your laptop, tablet, or smartphone!

There are many Cloud storage apps – Dropbox was one of the first ones. I, however, use Google Drive because it is fast, convenient, and well-integrated into the Google ecosystem.


2. Splitwise

This app is a blessing if you’re not good at money management! I first used it when I went on a trip with a bunch of my friends and have been using it since.

Using this app, you can add friends through email or phone, create groups with members, and do many more things that will help you manage your money. You can keep track of the money you owe to people and the money others owe you. You also receive notifications and emails each time you create an expense or when someone shares the bill with you.

The app is well made and has a really good UI! Plus, it’s available on iOS, Android, and Web!


1. Notion

Notion is the ultimate app for productivity! This one app can eliminate the need for having multiple apps that perform different functions because it will be the all-in-one app for you!

If you’re a student and are having a hard time organizing and arranging your notes, try this app out. If you’re a professional and have to manage projects and collaborate with other people, give this app a shot. If you manage a business and need to plan out your ideas well, use this app!

Notion is an app that is packed with features. You can create workspaces and add members into each workspace that you want to collaborate with. Then, you can create pages in a workspace and use tables, calendar, and even linked databases from a suite of tools. You can also link pages and data within pages by creating relations and formulas.

Still don’t get my excitement for this app? Try it out yourself!

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