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Why you should take the board exams seriously!

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Preparing for board exams intimidates a lot of students every year since there is a lot of confusion about what should be the best plan of action to achieve an excellent result. Generally, students have divided opinion on board exams — some take them so seriously that they focus only on the curriculum and forget to take part in any extracurricular activity; others, however, underestimate their importance and take it very casually.

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Needless to say, students of the latter category too, do wish to get good results primarily due to the expectations of their parents. While all parents want their children to secure good marks, a lot of the times, parents fail to understand that each child is unique and that scores are not the measure of one’s ability and knowledge.

So, before you read further, I’d like to say a word or two about myself. I just graduated from high school and was handed over my DMC two months ago. I scored overall 90.0% in Non-medical stream with Computer Science as my optional subject. Prior to receiving the result, my stance about boards was that scoring well doesn’t make much of a difference apart from satisfying parents’ expectations. Now, however, I believe that I had the wrong mindset.

While I still agree that grades do not indicate how successful a person will be, they still have a significant impact on a lot of things in the real world. For one, they play a crucial role in college admissions! Trust me now that I’ve been through it: To get into good universities, YOU NEED TO HAVE GOOD MARKS! Colleges grant admission either solely on the basis of board results, or, the combination of an entrance test and board results.

Furthermore, they’ll also influence your job application! Companies assess your resume, which includes your academics, and thus, your high school results will affect the chances of you getting the job.

Good board results also influence your social image. I hate to say it, but you’ll be taken as an intelligent person if you have good scores.

In the end, I’d like to advice the fresh minds that are currently in or will be in their board class, to prepare well for their boards! Don’t stress over it, but also prepare to the best of your abilities! And don’t be disheartened even if you don’t score well — its not the end of the world! There will be plenty of opportunities in your way that would help you get on track. For some tips and suggestions on how to prepare, read How to prepare for board exams (yet to be published). Until next time, BEST OF LUCK!

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